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Secure Non-Custodial FreeTON Staking

StakeTON.com Validator helps crypto-enthusiasts and investors earn more crypto by participating in staking of FreeTON via official DePool smart contract. We offer reliable non-custodial staking service.
Total staking assets
1,207,767 TON Crystals
Total reward paid
14,526 TON Crystals

Calculate Your Income

Calculate and compare your income using the live buttons. See your projected earnings net of fees in FreeTON Crystal tokens and in USD. The expected annual yield is shown as a gross percentage and is calculated dynamically reflecting network variations.

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Private staking

StakeTON.com Validator provides private accomodation for investors staking more than $500K. We provide the highest levels of security, support to protect your assets and to generate maximum returns.

All our correspondence is secure
Private staking
All our correspondence is secure
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Why Should You Choose Us?

Here are a few reasons why StakeTON.com Validator is the best place for staking Free TON assets.

We Support FreeTON

Stake your FreeTON crystal blockchain assets with StakeTON.com Validator via DePool v3 smartcontract directly and get a reward from staking. There’s no need for special technical knowledge, your own data center or 24/7 network control.
Proven Non-custodial
We are using official FreeTON DePool Validator Smart contract v3 that was formally verified by Pruvendo.
Security & Infrastructure
Our infrastructure was built with maximum security and performance in mind. An average uptime of 99% ensures your rewards are generated continuously.
Daily payout
Rewards are paid out automatically by a DePool smart contract each validation cycle, which is approximately 18 hours. There are two options, to reinvest the acrued revenue to the next cycle or to withdraw it to your wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I become a FreeTON validator?
Becoming a validator requires a substantial cryptocurrency deposit (> 250,000 TON Crystal at the moment) . The required amount might far exceed an individual validator budget. On the other hand, blockchain users with no validating system might be interested in investing in validation duty. This is where the Decentralized Pool (DePool) smart contract comes in.
User can deposit TON Crystals to Stake FreeTON validation service and receive rewards.
What is a FreeTON validator?
TON blockchain needs all newly created blocks to be validated in order to run correctly. For this it relies on special designated nodes called "Validators", and offers substantial reward for their work.
What is your fee?
Our fee is fixed percentage (5%) only from rewards generated by DePool validator during the validation cycle. We do not charge any extras for depositing or withdrawing funds to DePool smart contract. There is also a small blockchain fee for interacting with DePool smart contract
What is your payout schedule?
After each DePool returns its stake back with round rewards. Part of these rewards (5%) goes to Validator wallet balance which can be withdrawn by wallet at any time. And the last part (95%) is automatically distributed among all Participants in investment round to their wallets that they used to interact with DePool smart contract.
DePool keeps a balance for each Participant and can automatically reinvest Participant's stake into the last investment round if appropriate flag is enabled.
How do I stake FreeTON crystals?
You send the needed amount of FreeTON Crystals to the address of DePool smart contract that is available when you click Stake Now button.
There are three options to stake to depool smart contract:
  1. tonos-cli command tonos-cli depool --addr 0:999999a69ef6c73401273c5ef636a242fb497f52c39fe516eac08909cfbd9156 stake ordinary --wallet --value AMOUNT --sign "your wallet’s secret phrase"
  2. Stake directly on staketon.com with direct interaction with blockchain through ton-sdk Go to the https://staketon.com and click stake button. It automatically detects the wallet type that you have deployed.
  3. Use Extraton extension You can download it here – https://extraton.io/ and stake via http://depools.extraton.io/
Does my FreeTON crystals get locked once staked?
Yes, your FreeTON crystals get locked for the validation cycle and returned to you after validation cycle.
Are my FreeTON crystals safe?
Stake FreeTON is non custodial service. It uses formally verified official DePool smart contract that works on FreeTON blockchain. Stake FreeTON team doesn't have any possibilities to interact with your Stake. Only risk is bugs in DePool smart contract, but it is formally verified. So there shouldn't be any.
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